Ignite: Advising over the rainbow: LGBTQI+ issues in student mobility (S15)

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  • Topics
    • Equity and inclusion
    • Student mobility

About this session

Mobile LGBTQI+ students have to deal with different cultural, legal and attitudinal environments with regard to sexual and gender identity issues. Professionals need to understand the international experiences of LGBTQI+ students. This ‘rainbow’ session will provide advice from pre-departure to re-entry, including country-specific details and available resources. We’ll start from the basics and give you an overview of different definitions and identities.


  • Riitta Kataja | University of Oulu, Oulu Business School & Faculty of Humanities | Finland
  • Shaun Butcher | Virtual Internships | United Kingdom
  • Shanton Chang | School fo Computing and Information Systems | Australia
  • Wim Gabriels | ESN | Belgium