European Collaborative Programmes breakout: The loneliness of virtual international cooperation, do you feel it too? (U03)

  • Date
    Tuesday 28 September 2021
  • Topics
    • Partnerships and networks

About this session

COVID-19 has turned many sectors of our lives upside down. International cooperation, in particular, has been highly affected by a multitude of social and travel restrictions. This abrupt stagnancy gave rise to a certain glorification of the wonders of virtual cooperation, hailed as the ‘new normal’ by some. Building on the prior session (U03), the discussion facilitators aim to assess the current mood among participants, doing so with humour and provocative questions. 


  • Rui Branco Lopes | Coimbra Health School, Polytechnic of Coimbra | Portugal
  • Adam Lipski | Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences | Germany