Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact the EAIE.

I’m an exhibitor, how is my organisation showcased?

You will have your own dedicated organisation page that you can customise within the exhibition section of the online platform with your logo, banner, description, contact information, promotional video, and staff contact details. You will have the opportunity to prepare your page before the online platform officially opens on 14 September. The virtual exhibition will be open for participants to browse and search at any time of day and access is not limited to the event days. Included on your profile page is a messaging tool to help prospective partners contact your staff to arrange meetings. Depending on the exhibition package you choose, you can also schedule large group meetings for presentations, demos and updates,  and have a private meeting room for (internal) large meetings. Further information can be found in the exhibition's Terms and Conditions.

How many staff can be at the stand?

We recommend having a maximum of six staff members at your stand. Each linked staff member should fill in their participant profile, add a photo, the best hours for meetings and any key topics they would like to meet about.  

How do the pre-scheduled appointments work?

The staff manning your virtual stand will be linked to your organisation profile page so participants can contact your staff directly to pre-schedule appointments, and vice versa. The online platform will be accessible to participants two weeks before the start of the event so you can start pre-scheduling all your meetings from this date. 

Is there a maximum number of pre-scheduled appointments allowed?

There is no maximum number of appointments you can schedule – you're only limited by the number of hours in a day!

What are the opening hours of the online event platform?

During the four-day Community Exchange, the event platform will be open around the clock, 24 hours a day. This allows attendees and exhibitors in different time zones to schedule appointments at the most convenient times. Additionally, the platform will open two weeks early to begin scheduling appointments.

Will I be able to see who is attending the EAIE Community Exchange 2021?

Yes, all participants will be listed on the participant page of the platform. From there you will be able to search for and filter those participants with whom you would like to meet. 

We are a national or regional agency and want to book a pavilion with sub-exhibitors. How does this work?

As a national or regional agency, you can book a virtual pavilion. You and your fellow sub-exhibitors will share a dedicated customisable profile page and the opportunity to present a 20-minute Country Update session as part of the conference programme. With up to 25 sub-exhibitors, you will be able to build a comprehensive showcase of your region or country. Please tell us by 02 September who your sub-exhibitors will be and which staff members are at the stand.

I want to do presentations, demos or country updates. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. Depending on the package you choose, you have the opportunity to schedule group meetings in your dedicated meeting room. The group meeting rooms allow for up to 100 participants, of which 16 can be on video. You can promote your scheduled presentations or demos on your organisation profile page.  

I am an exhibitor. Do I have to register?

Yes, even though your exhibition stand has been booked, all exhibitors must register for the event online. Registration opens on 26 May. Please make sure to register your stand staff by 02 September in order for the EAIE to ensure that all exhibition stand staff members are linked correctly.   

Is there a reduced registration fee available for exhibitors?

All exhibition staff need to register for the event to access the online platform. As an exhibitor, you will get one fee waiver to set up the stand and participate in the event. Your exhibition staff can register with a reduced exhibitor fee of €399

Can I still watch all of the sessions if I'm exhibiting?

Yes, you can watch all of the sessions. The event platform will remain open until 25 October to allow for time to watch the sessions you missed and take care of any unfinished business. 

Is VAT charged on the exhibitor packages?

It depends on your situation/organisation. The following VAT rules apply:

  1. Netherlands-based organisations: 21% VAT
  2. EU-based (VAT registered): reverse charge VAT
  3. Non-EU: no VAT
  4. EU-based (not VAT registered): 21% VAT

What is the cancellation policy for exhibitors?

For information about cancelling your virtual stand, please see the Terms and Conditions. 

How can I attract visitors to my virtual stand?

In the virtual environment, you no longer need to wait for visitors to pass by your stand to engage with them; instead you can come to them. Once registration opens, we will share an exhibitor guide with tips and tricks on how to make most of your virtual stand and maximise engagement.  

When is the deadline to book a virtual stand?

While there is no deadline to book a virtual stand, please note that not all package benefits can be guaranteed at this stage. Contact us now for last-minute spots by sending us an email.

How can visitors find our stand during the exhibition?

Participants will be able to find your stand listed on the exhibition page of the event platform. You can take advantage of additional opportunities for exposure by participating in the exhibitor networking event, sponsoring virtual conference content and materials, and highlighting news and trends from your country or region in a special session (only available to national agencies and organisations exhibiting under a national pavilion). 

What are the minimum requirements for setting up the stand?

When setting up your stand, please include your logo, the staff linked to the page, as well as a description of your organisation.   

The Exhibitor guide provides an overview of specifications for your virtual stand and the corresponding deadlines, as well as some tips to make sure you get the most out of your virtual exhibition experience.

Are there additional sponsorship opportunities?

Yes, in addition to the exhibitor package you can maximise your brand exposure by choosing to sponsor a variety of virtual conference content and materials. From branded slides and sponsored networking events to promotional videos and sessions in the conference programme, you can select the package that works best for you. See Partnership kit for more information. Please note that not all package benefits can be guaranteed at this stage.

Will I get training on how to use the EAIE Community Exchange 2021 platform?

Yes, we will show you all the ins and outs of the online platform so that you are well-equipped to manage your virtual stand and maximise engagement. These trainings will be scheduled in August or September.