Thursday Plenary keynote speaker: Kai Kight


As a classical violinist turned innovative composer,  Kai  Kight  uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organisations across the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfilment. Kai  is on a mission to spark a global mindset shift in which ingenuity is the norm, not the exception. In his innovative keynotes, he performs original music and shares his insights and takeaways on how to bring creativity into your own life. His violin performance beautifully becomes a sonic metaphor for the core of his message: to inspire people to compose unique ideas in a world that celebrates conformity. 

As a musician,  Kai  has performed his original music for thousands in venues across the world, from the White House to the Great Wall of China. As a speaker, he has created impactful experiences for audiences at conferences, companies, and universities internationally.  

Compose your world 

Why do some people just play notes they are handed while others write new music in the world? In his captivating keynote address, Kai will encourage you to step out of your routines and forge a creative path not yet taken. He will perform original music and share the inspiring story of how he became an innovative composer in a field of conformity. His session will wash over you and leave you feeling inspired to bring your unique ideas forward. You can watch his keynote during the Thursday Plenary on 15 October at 09:30 CEST.