Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact the EAIE Office.

Accessing the Community Exchange

I’m having trouble logging in or using some of the platform features, how can I get help?

Please check you are using the most current version on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access the platform. The platform may not function in other browsers. If you are still experiencing issues or need technical support, you can call  +32 800 26 342. Technical support, via phone and through the help desk within the platform, is available during the following hours (all times are CEST): 

  • Friday 09 October, 12:00–16:00 
  • Monday 12 October, 14:00–16:00 
  • Tuesday 13 October, 12:00–18:00 
  • Event days 14–16 October: 07:30–18:00 

For questions related to the EAIE or your registration, you can email and we will reply during business hours (CEST). 

I have logged in but need assistance with my audio or camera, where can I get help?

If you are logged in, you can click on the ‘Live Chat’ green icon in the bottom right hand corner of the platform to chat with the help desk staff. You can also access the help desk via the programme page. Staff are available to help you during the following hours (all times are CEST):   

  • Friday 09 October, 12:00–16:00 
  • Monday 12 October, 14:00–16:00 
  • Tuesday 13 October, 12:00–18:00 
  • Event days 14–16 October: 07:30–18:00

How will I access the sessions and activities?

Before the start of the event, you will gain access to an online platform where all sessions, activities and networking will take place. In this platform, you can fill out your profile, schedule meetings with partners and other attendees, and build your schedule of sessions and activities. You will receive personalised log in details to access this platform closer to the event. 

How long will the content be available for in the online event platform? 

You will have access to all content until 01 November. In this time, you can log in at any time to re-watch recordings and access resources, as well as retrieve any chats, messages and contact information you collected during the event.

What technical requirements do I need to attend the EAIE Community Exchange?  

You will need:  

  • An internet connection: broadband wired or wireless  
  • PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone: we recommend you use a PC or Mac. If you participate using a tablet or smartphone, some of the break-out and networking features may have limited functionality, although watching sessions will work just fine.  
  • Webcam and microphone: we recommend using a headset with a built-in microphone 
  • The latest version of your preferred web browser: to make use of all the features in the online event platform, use we recommend you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. Please ensure you are using the most current version of your browser. The event platform is very new and will not operate in older browsers.

When does the platform open?  

The online event platform will open prior to the start of the event for the participants to fill in their profile information. More information about when the platform will be made accessible will follow shortly. 


Do I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. This is automatically sent to you when your registration has been processed by the EAIE Office. Practical details on how to join the event and access the online platform will be sent closer to the event.    

What items can I modify in my registration?

Your registration allows you to attend all online programme elements and virtual social gatherings, so there is no need to modify your registration. Should you have any questions or wish to update your profile information please contact the EAIE Office.

I am a speaker. Do I have to register for the conference?

Yes. All speakers need to register for the conference and will not be admitted unless they have been registered. As a thank you for contributing to the EAIE Community Exchange we offer our speakers free registration. All speakers will be contacted with instructions.  

I am a partner. Do I have to register?

Yes, even though your exhibition stand has been booked, all partners still need to register online.

Do I have to sign up for sessions?

Sessions are open to everybody who has paid the event registration fee. You do not need to pre-register to attend a session. 

Can I buy a day ticket?

No, day tickets are not available. All Community Exchange participants will get access to an exclusive online platform where you can catch up on any sessions you cannot attend. Your access to this platform will remain active for a limited time after the event, so you can watch all live recordings and enjoy more than 30 hours of on-demand content in your own time. 

Is there a discount for not attending all days/sessions?

No. The pricing for this event is fixed whether you attend a single day/session or all days/sessions.

How is my data processed?

The EAIE processes your data in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This includes a commitment to working with responsible partners. More information can be found in the EAIE Privacy Statement

How can I make my payment?

Payment is required online upon registration. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and some Maestro. Payment by bank transfer is not possible for EAIE events. 

Is there a discount if more colleagues from the same institution attend?

No. The EAIE Community Exchange participation fee is priced per person, and no discounts will be given for group bookings. 

I have registered but am unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

We encourage you to confirm your availability before making your registration as refunds are not possible. Even if you cannot participate in all the live activities and discussions, you can catch up on all the Community Exchange sessions in the exclusive online platform. Your access to this platform will remain active until 01 November, so you can watch all the recordings in your own time.

The EAIE has done its utmost best to arrange for this virtual conference and exhibition. Virtual means dependence on access to networks, range of devices used, proper settings of devices used and reception of data traffic on the part of all parties involved in this virtual conference and exhibition. We therefore cannot and do not guarantee an unhindered course of the virtual meeting. We exclude all liability for damage of any kind related to fully or partly disturbances of your participation to the virtual conference and exhibition.

The EAIE reserves the right to alter any arrangements relating to an event under circumstances out of the EAIE’s reasonable control, as per the EAIE Terms and Conditions this includes changes to speakers and timings. Minor or major disruption to live sessions is not grounds for refund or cancellation.

Can I get Erasmus+ funding for this event?

Erasmus+ funding is traditionally for travel and sustenance during mobility in a partner country, however due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, 2020 funding may be able to support course fees for digital training. Please enquire with the department responsible for Erasmus+ staff mobility at your institution, or your national agency.

Programme and networking

Are there networking opportunities and events?

Yes, in our virtual event platform you can network and scheduled meetings with all Community Exchange participants, exhibitors and speakers. You can participate in scheduled group break-out discussions, virtual campfires or arrange personal one-on-one meetings with colleagues at times that suit you. There will also be larger group networking events at the end of each day. See the schedule for more information. 

Do you have content for different time zones?

More than 30 sessions will be available to watch on-demand on day one of the event. Live sessions will also be available to watch back a short time after being broadcast, so the full programme can be enjoyed at your convenience. In addition to the scheduled sessions, you can also network, explore the poster gallery and have meetings at a time that is convenient for you as the online event platform will be open at all hours of the day. 

How many people can join my meeting?  

The online event platform will allow a maximum of four (4) participants per meeting room, including the host. The meetings can be scheduled 24h a day for the duration of the event.   

Where can I find the list of participants?

The list of participants will be available only on the event platform. You will be able to search for other participants and exhibitors, and schedule meetings with them within the platform.   

EAIE membership

Do I have to be a member in order to attend the EAIE Community Exchange?

No. Anyone involved in international higher education can attend the EAIE Community Exchange. However, EAIE members receive a discount on their registration and have year-long access to exclusive EAIE resources, such as publications, research and recordings. If you become a member during the EAIE Community Exchange registration process, you will receive membership for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021, giving you EAIE benefits and discounts on EAIE virtual and in-person events until the end of 2021.

My university is a member of the EAIE. Why do I not benefit from the member fee?

Membership to the EAIE is granted on an individual basis and, therefore, does not apply to institutions. Only participants who are members of the EAIE themselves are eligible for the member discount on the EAIE Community Exchange fee. 

How can I apply for EAIE membership?

You can sign up for EAIE membership while registering for the Community Exchange. By adding membership to your booking, you will automatically receive the member discount on the event. You will also qualify to take part in the current mentorship programme, as well as receive EAIE membership for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021!

Login and password

I have lost/forgotten my password. Should I create a new account?

No, it is not necessary to create a new account. You can  reset your password using the password reset form. If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact the EAIE Office and one of our staff members will reset your login details for you. 

When do I need to create a new account?

In order to register for any EAIE event, become a member or join our mailing list, you will first need to create an account. You only need to do this once, so if you have attended an EAIE event in the past, or are currently on our mailing list, you will already have an account. If you have changed jobs you can update your existing account by visiting  My EAIE – there is no need to create a new account. Please contact the EAIE Office if you have any questions.