Innovating Business Education for Responsible Global Minds (IBE-ReGloMi)

Young professionals today often lack the capability to contribute to innovative solutions needed to (further) transform business strategies and operations, across international and intercultural contexts, in ways that effectively support sustainability. The ‘Innovating Business Education for Responsible Global Minds’ (IBE-ReGloMi) project, co-funded by Erasmus+, aims to innovate business education curricula, support the development of global mindsets among young professionals, and create a wider and inclusive community of practice.

Status: Ongoing
Period: November 2022–March 2025 


International business schools are challenged to transform their curricula in response to societal challenges and the increasing need for companies to become sustainable. There is a need for graduates who can act as resilient business leaders with a global mindset; as change makers for a sustainable world; and as problem solvers with a creative, critical and holistic approach from a sustainability, intercultural and ethical perspective.  This transformation includes one or more educational initiatives. 

The ‘Innovating Business Education for Responsible Global Minds’ (IBE-ReGloMi) project, coordinated by the International Business School Maastricht and delivered with five European partners, aims to innovate business education curricula and support students’ development as young professionals with a global mindset. The project envisages a landmark innovative approach to the integration of internationalisation, social entrepreneurship and ethics, responsibility and sustainability (ERS) as the defining lens for business curricula. The strength of the consortium and all its associated partners, local and global, will ensure the quality and the applicability of the results, also for other higher education areas, levels of education or sectors. By sharing and reaching out to a wide range of diverse stakeholders, an inclusive community of practice will be created.

The project runs from November 2022 to March 2025, when a conference will be organised to present the project results.  


The project’s vision is to: 

  • Create graduate profiles and intended learning outcomes, with  a holistic approach to education for sustainable development, internationalisation of the curriculum and social entrepreneurship as the defining lens.  
  • Develop pedagogical approaches and examples for its design and delivery. 
  • Develop a continuing professional development programme (CPD) for lecturers to embed this approach.  
  • Create a community of practice within the partnership and beyond. 

The project’s aim is:  

  • Contributing to the quality of education by supporting the delivery of a coherent, transformational learning experience to all students. 
  • Promoting embedded transformative learning environments that deliver on the need for resilient business leaders. 

Project partners

6 European partners

  • International Business School Maastricht (IBSM), the Netherlands (Project coordinator)
  • Kedge Business School, France
  • Kozminski Business School, Poland
  • Babes Bolyai University, Romania
  • TH Köln, Germany
  • EFMD, Belgium


  • 5 associated local international business partners
  • 5 associated local student organisations
  • La Sabana University, Colombia


  • The European Association of International Education (EAIE)
  • World Council for Intercultural and Global Competence (WCIGC)
  • Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)