The Community Summit sessions will be broadcast live allowing for interactive discussions with the speakers and in-the-moment connections between participants. There will be virtual campfires and panels with interactive Q&As where you can actively participate and ask your questions. The sessions are designed to spark conversations and kindle collaboration. There will be several moments in between sessions for social breaks and networking in the coffee corner and lounge, including an afternoon social event at the end of Day 1 and a networking lunch on Day 2.


Opening address: Navigating change with purpose

10:00–10:30 CET

The Community Summit kicks off with a welcome message from EAIE President Michelle Stewart and a keynote address by Professor Hanne Leth Andersen, Rector of Roskilde University. In her keynote 'Changing for sustainable international education', she will provide a scene-setting perspective on current developments in European higher education.

Session 1: The international education profession (and professional) of the future

10:45–12:00 CET  |  live panel with Q&A

What should the international office 'dream team' of today and tomorrow consist of? What kind of knowledge, sensitivities and skillsets will allow each of us as international education professionals to help our institutions navigate the game-changing developments affecting our field? During this session, you will glean insights from the speakers as they unpack the key opportunities and challenges we are facing in our field today and consider specific ways that we can actively plan for the future and our careers within it. 

Speakers: Marina CasalsSaskia Loer Hansen, Nikos Liolios

Session 2: Placing wellbeing within our reach

13:00–14:00 CET  |  virtual campfire

At its essence, the goal of international education is to make the world a better place and to ensure that the students and staff within our institutions we serve thrive. Thriving, or wellbeing, has become a topic of critical concern in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic but extends well beyond the current crisis. Join three different virtual campfires to discuss what addressing wellbeing in practice looks like right now and what new strategies for fostering wellbeing at our institutions may emerge moving forward.

Speakers: Stephanie Griffiths, Camilla Lundqvist, Malaika Marable Serrano, Jessica Price, Juan Rayon, Leonie Tillmanns, Kelly-anne Watson

EAIE Q&A: Introduction to the Mentorship programme

14:30–15:15 CET  |  Presentation and Q&A

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and mentoring a newcomer to the field? Or perhaps you are just starting out in international education and are looking for a mentor? This session will provide you with information on how to get started in the EAIE Mentorship programme – what the year cycle entails, best practices, experiences and how to apply.


Session 3: Rising to the challenge of environmental sustainability 

10:00–11:15 CET  |  Live panel with Q&A

One of the most profound changes affecting our work in international education today centres around our heightened awareness of the physical impact of our field. What can we do in the next several years to ensure that environmental sustainability factors purposefully into our internationalisation agendas and activities? In this session, you will have an opportunity to discuss specific approaches to foregrounding climate action in your work and how to operate as agents of change in this vital area. 

Speakers: Scott Forrest, Ailsa Lamont, Robin Shields, Gereon Tho Pesch

EAIE Q&A: Introduction to volunteer opportunities

11:30–12:15 CET  |  Presentation and Q&A

Would you like to be more involved with the EAIE and shape the future of your association? This session showcases the volunteer opportunities available and what you need to know about the EAIE elections. Join us to learn more about how you can contribute your time and knowledge.

Session 4: Roundtable wrap-up

14:00–14:30 CET  |  Live panel discussion

Join Michelle Stewart, EAIE President, and Piet Van Hove, EAIE Vice-President, for this session to look back on the highlights, insights and takeaways from the Community Summit programme. Reflect on what you have learned and discussed these past two days and walk away from the event feeling energised and focused on concrete opportunities for action in your daily work.

Speakers: Marina Casals, Sandra Slotte, Rui Branco Lopes