Zeynep Ezgi Erdem

Sabancı University , Turkey
Zeynep Ezgi Erdem

This is a job-share with Matilda Lindgren.

My name is Zeynep Ezgi Erdem and I am an International Exchange and Cooperation Specialist at Sabancı University, a top-ranked university in İstanbul. I previously worked in other leading foundation universities in Turkey and I have more than five years’ experience in the field of international higher education. I play an active role in exchange programme management, mobility advising, partnership development and project applications. I focus on the digitalisation of mobility procedures, especially for the Online Learning Agreement, enhancement of mobility experience and crisis management in outbound mobility procedures.   

I believe my skills and expertise in mobility advising could contribute to the practices of the EAIE. I am committed to sharing expertise and working with the EAIE community to provide a regional perspective on mobility advising and promote inclusive values. 

I apply for membership of the Steering group of the EAIE Expert Community Mobility Advising with my esteemed colleague Matilda Lindgren from Södertörn University in Stockholm. We hope to reflect cultural and regional diversity in our collaboration.  

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