Yulia Grinkevich

Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russian Federation
Yulia Grinkevich

My name is Yulia Grinkevich and I am a Director of Internationalisation at HSE University Russia. Since 2013 I have been working on advancing the university strategy and policies aimed at internationalising university environment and community.

My nearly 20-years’ experience in various management positions in education institutions involves launching new units and large-scale initiatives, including coordination of two working groups in Association of Russian universities-participants of Russian Academic Excellence Project. This gives me the necessary experience of creating a productive environment for group members from different institutions, which, together with my work as a Steering group member of the EAIE Expert Community Strategy and Management, makes me an ideal candidate to guide it as a Chair.

Furthermore, my background in teaching and training, ability to see both details and the whole picture, and supervision of university-wide professional development programmes will be an asset in serving the EAIE Expert Community. 

Whatever the tasks of the EAIE members, from strategy design to practical management tools, I have many ideas on how to support them in sharing good practices and knowledge. It would be an honour to leverage my experience to serve the EAIE community.

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