Virginia van der Wel

Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Virginia van der Wel

This is a job-share with Adriana Pérez Encinas.

My name is Virginia van der Wel and I am Project Manager and International Relations Officer at Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Working in international relations has taught me to be proactive and open-minded, and I have 14 years of experience in student and staff mobility, internationalisation at home, international projects and hosting international events such as staff weeks. 

During my first two terms in the Expert Community Mobility Advising, we worked hard to make our community more visible and accessible to members in the diverse field of mobility advising. If re-elected to the post, I plan to make the EAIE and our Expert Community even more valuable and beneficial for you, the members! 

I will share my expertise in the area of mobility management, partner relations and optimising processes to prepare for projects such as Erasmus Without Paper. My skills include training people in my expertise areas, organising events and optimising mobility management processes. I would consider it an honour to be elected as a Steering group member again. Thank you for thinking of me! 

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