Tomas Bengtsson

University West, Sweden
Tomas Bengtsson

This is a job-share with Magdalena Kozula.

My name is Tomas Bengtsson and I’m the Director of International Affairs at University West in Sweden. I have been in my current position since the beginning of 2019 and previously I held the position of Director of International Marketing and Recruitment at Jönköping University from 2006.   

I have a broad experience in international marketing and student recruitment since I have been in this world for 13 years now. I have also participated in many different expert groups and communities in this field on a national level and the last years within the EAIE. 

I really want to continue within the EAIE in the Expert Community Marketing and Recruitment, since I believe I can contribute to the ongoing development of internationalisation among universities and other stakeholders. This is a job-share with Magdalena Kozula.

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