Tanja Reiffenrath

Georg August University Göttingen, Germany
Tanja Reiffenrath

My name is Tanja Reiffenrath and I work as Coordinator for Internationalisation of Curricula in academic programme development at the University of Göttingen, Germany. My academic background as a cultural studies scholar makes me sensitive to diversity issues and decolonial approaches to the curriculum. I am passionate about connecting this knowledge to hands-on ways of internationalising teaching and learning ‘at home’. 

In my position, I have been working with internationalisation at home as a systemic and institution-wide change management process. The questions about the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ that we continuously raise in our community thus characterise my daily routine. 

I joined the steering group of the Internationalisation at Home Expert Community in 2017 and have served as Chair since 2018. The pandemic has brought internationalisation at home into focus and while our community has been steadily growing in recent years, international virtual collaborations have led to a wealth of good practices that we now need to sustain. My strength lies in creating environments in which different experiences and voices are cherished,and I would be honoured to continue to foster such a space as the Chair of this Expert Community

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