Sedef Ercetin Gencosmanoglu

Turkish Green Crescent Society, Turkey
Sedef Ercetin Gencosmanoglu

I am Sedef Ercetin Gencosmanoglu and I am International Cooperation Manager at the Turkish Green Crescent Society, a more than 100-year-old non-governmental organisation promoting public health by providing rehabilitation services and educational programmes nationally and internationally, especially for young people.

In the past, I worked on the internationalisation of higher education institutions by doing partnership and programme development for students and staff, managing exchanges and coordinating funding programmes.

I hold an MA degree in international affairs and management from the University of Bologna, Italy, and I have had study abroad experiences in Poland and the Netherlands.

I’m a member of the steering group for the Health and Welfare Education Expert Community. Before that, I served as steering group member for the Strategy and Management Expert Community. I’m applying for a position on the Health and Welfare Education steering group again because I believe that I can use my experience to help higher education institutions collaborate with civil society and other international organisations to broaden their impact at international and national levels.

I would also represent the EAIE beyond higher education institutions and set up collaborations for future initiatives. I kindly ask for your support.

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