Sari Horn

LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Sari Horn

My name is Sari Horn and I work as an International Relations Coordinator at the LAB University of Applied Sciences. In this role, I develop and coordinate various activities to support the internationalisation of our education. 

My passion is to provide meaningful international opportunities to students and staff members. With 18 years of experience, I have learned how to support strategic cooperation at both degree programme and institutional level. I have always played an active role in developing activities together with academics. By having a global perspective and a wide international network of colleagues, I can bring together the right players. Internationalisation is teamwork. 

Ever since my first EAIE conference in Turin in 2004, I have been participating in conferences and have acquired a lot of useful knowledge for my work. For the past six years, I have been involved with the EAIE Summer Schools Expert Community, four years as a member and two years as Chair. The EAIE family has inspired me over the years. It would be my honour to be able to use my knowledge and skills to serve colleagues, European higher education institutions and the EAIE as a member of the General Council. 

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