Sara López-Selga

Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Sara López-Selga

We are starting to see the light after COVID, which caused borders to close but could not defeat our vision of global education. On the contrary, we have remained connected (even more so) and we have digitalised education and mobility. By taking on these new developments in the right spirit, we are progressing towards more inclusive and sustainable international education. Crises and conflicts in Europe are calling into question the principles that we embody, but we have proved ourselves resilient. 

The EAIE has reinvented itself to accompany us and serve our needs. I am thankful for that. New services and formats are here to stay, speeding up the strategy. We knew the association needed to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the field and in the broader world. We were put to the test and we stood up to it, with the contribution of all members. Looking ahead, we need to keep this positive momentum and try to avoid the temptation of just going back to business as usual, as business as usual has changed and political priorities have shifted. Keeping dialogue open might become our most crucial mission. 

This is my commitment as Vice-President candidate: to stay true to the values we share as an association and to purposefully drive our joint strategy, with leaders and members playing an active role. I am ready to devote myself to it, if you trust me. My experience within the EAIE as a committee and Board member, liaising with Expert Communities, gives me a good understanding of the association: from the nuts and bolts to the bigger picture. And as Director of International Relations at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, I keep my head and hands on the practice, reality and concerns of each individual member of the association. 

The candidate received 373 votes.