Sandra Slotte

Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Sandra Slotte

This is a job share with Rob Maat.

I currently work as Head of Sustainable Career Support at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. I have held different positions in higher education over 15 years, giving me a broad perspective of different roles and how these are linked. I have been an EAIE member since 2018, participating in workshops, academies and spotlights, and I actively follow nine different Expert Communities. I have presented at conferences and community summits.

I strongly believe in systems thinking and service design for change management and societal change, as well as the power of community, diversity, equality and inclusion. To broaden the perspective of higher education strategy to include outside stakeholders, I created a nationwide online multi-stakeholder community for retaining international talent in Finland, involving a systemic approach around mutual interests.

I am enthusiastic about comprehensive internationalisation and decentralising power. Change agents can be found at all levels and must be supported. I hold a Master’s degree in education and I focused on leading and developing the learning organisation.

Together with the Strategy and Management Expert Community team and my job-share Rob Maat, I would love to share my passion, knowledge and networks with all EAIE members.

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