Sabine Sainte-Rose

Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Sabine Sainte-Rose

This is a job-share with Elena Vinci.

My name is Sabine Sainte-Rose and I am part of the management team for international and external affairs at the Université Grenoble Alpes, France. 

I have lived and worked in five different countries, including leadership positions in the French diplomacy and cultural network, and I have developed extensive skills in management, policy, marketing, PR and curriculum development. Since 2002, I have enjoyed managing diverse teams of international professionals in multicultural environments. 

I am enthusiastic about sharing my expertise in project and event management, team and partnership building, and communication strategies and outreach. As an Associate Director of our merged university, I have been meeting the challenges of redefining policies and processes while navigating the complexities of large-scale administration. 

A seasoned teacher and trainer, I am honoured to be part of the EAIE Academy team for courses on strategic planning and innovative management tools. 

I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue sharing insights and best practices through the Strategy and Management Expert Community, serving other professionals who are also facing the challenges of managing complex projects and diverse teams in an evolving internationalisation landscape. 

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