Rui Branco Lopes

Coimbra Health School of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal
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Rui Branco Lopes

This is a job-share with Adam Lipski.

My name is Rui Branco Lopes and I have been working as International Relations Specialist at Coimbra Health School (Polytechnic of Coimbra) in Portugal for the last ten years, managing exchange programmes and international collaboration and communication. Additionally, I am serving a four-year mandate as an elected non-teaching staff member of the Polytechnic of Coimbra's general council. Most importantly, serving as an Associate with the EAIE's European Programme Management Expert Community since November 2018 has given me the opportunity to actively contribute my expertise to the values and mission of this extraordinary organisation, which in return has given me the chance to further extend my knowledge and take my professional development to a new level. I strongly believe that I have contributed to the visibility and impact of the Expert Community, both within the EAIE community and among practitioners. I hope to continue to earn the trust of the EAIE community by offering my skills and competencies along with my core values of integrity, character, coherence and resilience. I stand for election to become a Steering group member of the new European Collaborative Programmes Expert Community.

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