Roberto Napoli

University of Trento, Italy
Roberto Napoli

My name is Roberto Napoli. When I tell people that I am Italian, my Dutch mother gets upset – I am supposed to be half Dutch – so I begun to call myself a European citizen. I belong to the early Erasmus generations, ie people willing to make Europe more interconnected and themselves more international.

I served as International Masters Manager at the University of Trento (Italy) for seven years before being promoted as Assistant to the Rector in 2015 with the specific task of enlarging the international student population on campus.

I see one major challenge for European HEIs: traditional channels of international mobility are no longer enough to satisfy the increased need for mobility. This requires new solutions, eg innovative partnerships among institutions. And exchange activities should be intensified in countries where education is still a privilege and free research is under constant attack. This can be effectively lobbied by the General Council and I would like to continue to give my contribution.

In my first mandate in the General Council, as the only Italian representative, I tried to get more involvement in the EAIE from underrepresented countries like Italy and my second mandate will allow me to pursue this mission.

Roberto Napoli received 34 votes.