Robert Coelen

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
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Robert Coelen

I am Professor of Internationalisation of Higher Education and Director of the Centre for Internationalisation of Education. This centre, a collaboration between my institution – NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences – and the University of Groningen, has 15 PhD candidates working on projects across the breadth of internationalisation. My work feels more like a hobby as I am passionate about how the internationalisation of education has enormous potential to transform young individuals so that they may be better prepared to take over stewardship of our planet, how it works and how it lives.  

I enjoyed my earlier time as a member of the EAIE General Council and overseeing the association’s activities. Work pressure caused me to step back, but I am now in a position to direct my energy with renewed vigour for the association. I would bank on my 35 years of experience as a senior executive in the internationalisation field (in Australia, the Netherlands and elsewhere) and my assessment of future developments in education to help the EAIE steer the right course. You may have seen me in action at the EAIE academies or the annual conference as I am always prepared to spend time assisting my colleagues. 

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