Robert Buttery

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland
Robert Buttery

My name is Robert Buttery. In my position as Head of International Relations for the FHNW School of Business in Switzerland over the last 15 years, my professional portfolio has encompassed every aspect of international education and the issues and challenges facing us as educators. I am directly involved in strategic and operational aspects of internationalisation, promoting my institution globally and building sustainable partner university networks through proactive engagement at all major higher education events. I am a member of numerous national and international education committees, as well as a seasoned conference speaker on a wide range of internationalisation topics. I am known for my perseverance and dedication, and for always keeping a sense of humour to achieve pragmatic solutions. 

Through my involvement in the General Council, and as Chair and long-standing member of the Business Education Expert Community, I have gained invaluable insight into how the organisation functions and where we can increase our value to members. I have worked in close collaboration with all other Expert Communities and Task Forces and I understand their concerns and aspirations. 

I will be a relentless advocate in building an inclusive and inspiring environment in which all members can develop within the EAIE community and be motivated to extend the association’s core values to their own professional environments and beyond. I will listen to all members’ voices and make sure that we unite diverse interests into a collective positive force. As your Vice-President, my priorities will be outreach, enhanced teamwork, knowledge transfer and developing the next generation of international educators. 

The EAIE 2020+ strategy is almost ready and the incoming leadership will have the task of implementing it. Together we will make it happen! #EAIEElectionsVoteRobVP 

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