Ramon Ellenbroek

Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Ramon Ellenbroek

My name is Ramon Ellenbroek and I am Head Student Life and Mobility at Utrecht University. In my job, I love to bring together different stakeholders to work towards a common goal, while making sure everybody knows what their part is in the bigger whole. Working on strategic goals, while balancing this with available resources and the many people involved, is my daily work – and asking why we do things how we do them is one of my favourite questions.

I have the pleasure to be an EAIE trainer and I am a former Chair of the Strategy and Management Expert Community. In my 10+ active EAIE years I have focused on engaging countries that are less present within the EAIE, which is something I personally feel is important.

Over the past few years, I have realised more and more that it is time to discuss how we can make sure internationalisation and mobility do not clash with a sustainable future for our planet. Challenges like this we can only solve together, by looking at how we can all contribute. Working together towards a sustainable world and for the generations to come – that is what I want to do.

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