Piet van Hove

University of Antwerp, Belgium
Piet van Hove

My name is Piet Van Hove. I started working in the internationalisation of higher education in 1995, straight out of law school. I loved it. Since 2005, I have been Head of the International Office at the University of Antwerp. 

My first EAIE annual conference was Stockholm in 1998, but my deep personal involvement started with the 2008 conference in Antwerp, which was the last time the conference was hosted on a university campus. It was an incredible challenge, with years of intense preparation, but also hugely rewarding. In the following years, I joined the EAIE leadership as a member of the International Relations Managers Board and later the General Council, and I got to know the inner workings of the association. More recently, I have built up strong experience in governance of other non-profits, serving as a board member of the Academic Cooperation Association and Apopo (‘training rats to save lives’), as well as spending six years as President of Flanders Knowledge Area (an internationalisation agency serving Flemish higher education). I believe my strength is in analysing situations and finding out not only what different people want but also what’s really driving them. In Belgium, ‘compromise’ is not a negative term but rather an art form. I enjoy being a bridge-builder, mostly because I feel deep respect and awe for all of the incredible dedication and smartness, I see in our field every day. 

My ambition is to make the EAIE more inclusive, more excellent, more collaborative and more innovative. Today’s EAIE is a very successful association. With success and prominence comes great responsibility, both to our members and to our whole sector. We need to keep innovating and stay self-critical in order to remain the best association we can be. I am ready to serve as your next Vice-President. 

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