Peter Kerrigan

DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service, USA
Peter Kerrigan

Thank you for considering my nomination as Chair of the Inclusion and Diversity Expert Community. I understand first-hand what implications equity and access have. I have been fighting for LGBTQ+ rights throughout my adult life. I have experienced what it means to be marginalised and discriminated against.

From my own experience, I understand the financial challenges of international education opportunities as a student. I am familiar with the solutions and what needs to be done to safeguard equity and access in international education.

I have spent much of my career serving under-represented communities, including being part of diversity, equity and inclusion working groups for professional associations (and chairing one of those groups); helping establish two education abroad scholarship programmes for under-represented students; and creating a multitude of marketing activities and tools for underserved demographics. I was also privileged to help bring the topic of LGBTQ+ issues to the EAIE table for discussion and exploration.

The candidate received 361 votes.