Peter Kerrigan

Peter Kerrigan

Thank you for considering my nomination for re-election to the General Council. I have been involved with the EAIE since 2001, including my current role as a member of the General Council and formerly as Chair of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and as a Resource person for the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community. In 2016, I received EAIE’s Transatlantic Leadership Award.  I hope to continue to bring my great deal of knowledge and understanding of the EAIE to the General Council.

I have been an active member of the General Council for almost two years. As Chair of the PDC for almost four years of my six-year tenure, I helped steer the Committee through a challenging period of transition and change. This included the restructuring and further professionalisation of the EAIE’s training provision, most notably the academies, webinars, and annual conference workshops. The experience I gained on the PDC and the insights into the Expert Communities I developed while serving as a Resource person for the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community would continue to be an asset to the General Council.

Helping run a membership association, such as the EAIE, requires a high level of strategic planning, trust and fiscal responsibility – all attributes I have acquired through my own professional experience, all of which I would continue to apply to the General Council. I ran and grew the membership programme of the Institution of International Education (IIE) for six years and successfully helped launch The Forum on Education Abroad, a membership study abroad association based in the United States.

I have lived, studied and worked on both sides of the Atlantic and have developed a unique perspective on the internationalisation on both continents in my over twenty years in the field of international education.

Peter Kerrigan received 57 votes.