Olga Krylova

HSE University St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Olga Krylova

This is a job-share with Diederich Bakker.

My name is Olga Krylova and I work as a Head of International Office at HSE University, St. Petersburg. During my professional life I was involved in coordination of international projects of different scale, the development and management of educational programmes, development of partnerships and international marketing. I’d like to share my experience and ideas for organisation and improvement of EAIE activities. This sounds really important to me as I’d like the EAIE to be a space for easy networking and communication, which would allow members of the Association to be able to commit their maximum potential and also to benefit from all the opportunities that come with being involved with the EAIE.

I’d be honoured to get your support for elections as a Steering group member of the Expert Community Marketing and Recruitment in order to make my contribution to the success of the EAIE.

Olga Krylova and Diederich Bakker received 44 votes.