Oksana Chernenko

HSE University, Russian Federation
Oksana Chernenko

I am Oksana Chernenko, Director for Innovations in Education at HSE University, Moscow, and for the last ten years I`m in charge of supporting and promoting educational innovative programmes. The recent one – the project Teach for HSE – was launched in 2017 as a platform for Teaching and Learning Excellence Centre. HSE International Summer University was founded in 2014. During this period the number of students increased more than four times the initial enrolment. The educational programme consists of more than 30 English-taught courses – from politics, economics, management, math, computer science and international relations to Russian language, history and culture. These courses are taught by leading HSE instructors at the university and attract students from all over the world.

I believe that my knowledge in this field allows me to become a part of the EAIE Expert Community as a member. I was the resource person for the EAIE Expert Community Summer Schools for four years and it will allow me to provide continuity of EAIE traditions (in the case of a positive decision).

I look forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with colleagues within the Expert Community and beyond for further success in international programmes and other aspects of internationalisation.

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