Monique Swennenhuis

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Monique Swennenhuis

This is a job share with Tom Wilmot

My name is Monique Swennenhuis. I have been working as a Strategic Adviser on international marketing at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, for several years. I have served as President and am now Secretary of the Dutch Higher Education Network for International Marketing. I am active as a trainer at the NAFSA association of international educators and in the EAIE Academy, where I teach courses in marketing, recruitment and related subjects.

For me, the common theme in my activities is that I like to connect people around my discipline, bringing them together so that they may share and learn from each other and get added value out of that experience. The steering group of the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community is the perfect vehicle for me to contribute to this aspect of the EAIE.

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