Mirjam Hauck

The Open University, United Kingdom
Mirjam Hauck

I’m Mirjam Hauck and my work focuses on the learning and teaching of languages and cultures in technology-mediated environments, in virtual exchange contexts in particular.

A 2018 report by the European Parliament told us clearly that the transformative impact of digital technologies on education had yet to happen or to lead to greater equality and inclusion in education. If anything, the worldwide move to online education during the pandemic has exacerbated inequality and exclusion.

I therefore invite everybody to take a critical stance and to start unpicking the assumptions and ideologies in the discourse surrounding educational technologies, including those popular in virtual exchange.

I would also like to see an alignment of our work with the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 13, which focuses on climate action, and for us to explore more systematically how we can draw on technologies that help reduce our carbon footprint.

The EAIE as an organisation has a vital role to play in this respect. Hence my pledge as Chair of the Language and Culture Expert Community to push a critical agenda with a clear focus on sustainability, inclusion and social justice. I see immense potential for collaboration with other EAIE Expert Communities.

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