Michelangelo Balicco

Burgundy School of Business, Italy
Michelangelo Balicco

I’m Michelangelo Balicco, an international education professional focusing on go-to-market and data-driven strategy. I have extensive experience in international programme management, marketing and recruitment departments, overall strategic enrolment management and student recruitment at the undergraduate, graduate and MBA levels. 

I’ve performed important roles in leading European universities and business schools, and I hold a dual executive Master’s in marketing and sales from ESADE business school and SDA Bocconi. 

I’m a frequent presenter at the conferences of the EAIE and the NAFSA association of international educators, and I’ve held different workshops and training sessions on marketing and recruitment strategy around the globe. 

As COVID-19 hit, I was moving to France to take up the position of Director of International Development at Burgundy School of Business, and I faced many challenges to position the school in an international marketplace that was completely disrupted. It was time to be inventive and solutions-driven to market the school in a completely different way.  

I’ve partnered with Alejandra Otero to develop cutting-edge projects. We have decided to run for election as a job-share in the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community, to combine our expertise and bring additional value. 

The candidates received 83 votes.