Mathias Falkenstein

CHE Consult, Germany
Mathias Falkenstein

My name is Mathias Falkenstein, I am currently an elected member of the General Council and am standing for re-election. I have been an active member of the EAIE for the past 18 years. Today and more than ever before, I strongly belief in the importance and greater responsibility this organisation in fostering and developing internationalisation in higher education worldwide, and thus, have a positive impact on societal, economic and environmental growth.

If I am elected, my extensive experience and knowledge in strategic development and higher education networks will help the General Council to guide and support the EAIE in fulfilling its mission and vision in order to continue to build a collaborative community and vital network of international educators; ensure the sustainability of the organisation by building alliances, diversifying the product portfolio and revenue streams; increase its impact on academic and professional developments by collaborating with all of its internal and external stakeholders; foster the EAIE’s relevance as an interface between academia and administration in all areas of higher education.

Thank you for your trust and your vote!

Mathias Falkenstein received 17 votes.