Marlies Overbeek

Navitas, the Netherlands
Marlies Overbeek

My name is Marlies Overbeek and I was elected last time round as a member of the Admission and Recognition Expert Community steering group. Little did we know then about the difficult times ahead. This year, I have been nominated again for the same position.

Following the pandemic, I want to focus on reconnecting with the network and building links. Even though the EAIE remained active in wonderful ways, the human touch of our network is what many are looking for now. We must retain the value of year-round online interaction, but face-to-face contact and in-depth connections will accelerate our development and skill sets.

I work in the fields of admissions, marketing and recruitment, both in public universities and the private sector. Within the steering group, I will be at the forefront of developing the interfaces between these three fields, finding the best ways to match student preferences and universities’ ambitions via fair, transparent and efficient admission processes. I will try to ensure smooth student journeys in which student experience and satisfaction are the key drivers, and together we will find the best ways to contribute to reaching university-specific enrolment targets.

Thank you for voting in the EAIE 2022 election!

The candidate received 251 votes.