Marlies Overbeek

Twente Pathway College / The Hague Pathway College, the Netherlands
Marlies Overbeek

I am Marlies Overbeek, Director of Marketing and Admissions for Twente Pathway College and The Hague Pathway College. I joined these Navitas colleges prior to their launches in December 2018 and am now helping in their continued success. I previously worked as Senior Marketing Adviser at the University of Twente, heading a team of 10 professionals working on the university’s internationalisation goals. I have also been involved in organisational change projects at the Delft University of Technology and in building Delft’s international presence.

In my current role, I head a global team of 12, including four admissions staff. It is often a challenge to bridge the gap between recruitment and admission processes. I see myself as a strategic thinker with a hands-on mentality, doing the job not for quick gains but for long-term success to help young people develop a global mindset.

In the past two years, I have been involved in the EAIE’s Admission and Recognition Expert Community Steering group. Organising processes is in my blood, which showed in our team’s approach, work and decision-making. I brought the world of marketing and recruitment a step closer to Admission and Recognition and would be extremely pleased to continue to serve our group and the EAIE.

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