Marijke van Oppen

Cross Cultural Trainer and Consultant HE, the Netherlands
Marijke van Oppen

I am Marijke van Oppen and I am an expert in interactive, creative workshops and trainings in higher education in the field of Cross-Cultural Development.

I have experience as a Senior Educational consultant and intercultural trainer at Wageningen University & Research since 2000. I also have extensive experience in international teaching and training with a focus on cross-cultural development. I trained mainly teaching and support staff, PhD students and students in multicultural teams.

Currently, I am responsible for Programs Diversity and Inclusion as an independent cross-cultural trainer in higher education. I have a Master's degree in Social Education from Amsterdam Free University in the Netherlands.

Since 2007, I have been an active EAIE member and involved as a speaker, trainer and Chair in the EAIE's activities.The guidance and counselling of students is one of the most important needs within higher education at the moment. I believe I could contribute to this vital element with pleasure and professionalism together with others. 

Mental health care and teaching are two of the most essential elements in higher education for students. It is not only about the subject matter but also about helping students develop resilience and tools for the future such as intercultural and global competencies. Skills that go beyond the professional field but are essential for a future in an ever-changing professional environment. 

It is necessary to create a conclusive chain of sustainable intercultural competence development for both teachers and students. This subject has my heart and I want to contribute to it.

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