Maria Nemchinova

Navitas Netherlands, the Netherlands
Maria Nemchinova

This is a job share with Eline Jensrud.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to the wider EAIE community. I am Maria Nemchinova and I am originally from Siberia, near the Mongolian border, where I grew up until I went to university. We did not have the wealth to ensure an international future, but I always felt there was a horizon that could be achieved by persistence and self-development.

My journey took me via teaching and linguistics into international higher education. It took me to the Netherlands, where I now live and work in a management role in international education.

I feel it is time in my career now to help others to grow, to contribute to the sustainable development goals of the EAIE and to work on inclusive opportunities for everyone, especially during these challenging times when those values are compromised. I would be honoured to be elected to serve the community.

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