Louise Staunton

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Louise Staunton

My name is Louise Staunton. With 20 years’ experience as an international education professional, I am currently the International Student Experience and Global Officer Manager at Trinity College Dublin. I work across Trinity to implement strategic initiatives focused on delivering an excellent international student experience. 

I was previously Programme and Training Manager at the Irish Council for International Students, where I managed the Irish Aid Fellowship programme and authored Diverse Voices (2015), an intercultural skills guide for higher education. 

As an Associate of the EAIE’s Mobility Advising Expert Community, I have been working with colleagues to promote the community’s activities and deliver quality services to members through conference presentations and publications. In 2019–20, I delivered well-received blog articles on strategic internationalisation and supporting students affected by Covid-19. 

I have expansive expertise in international education, coupled with global networks, which I can bring to the Mobility Advising Expert Community. I understand the needs of members and I will bring innovative ideas and knowledge to the community while also highlighting the importance of the student voice. 

The candidate received 58 votes.