Kimmo Kuortti

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Kimmo Kuortti

This is a job-share with Herwig Dämon.

I am Kimmo Kuortti, Head of Global Education Solutions at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I have worked in different roles in higher education since 1995. I have managed strategic projects, directed the international office, recruited students at fairs, written speeches for the rector, planned office budgets and done virtual teacher exchange.

I participated in my first EAIE conference in 1997 – in Barcelona! – and I have benefited from the expertise of international colleagues through the EAIE. More recently, the focus has been on keeping our communities going and in good spirits in these difficult times.

My professional passions include research on private and public education providers and the development of accessibility, equality and inclusion. I have been a board member in the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community for two terms. It has been an educative experience and has further strengthened my wish to contribute to the EAIE.

Together with Herwig Dämon, I have reached out to members from less well-represented countries in the EAIE to ensure diversity, which is a source of strength in the EAIE and in international education in general. This is certainly something we think needs to continue.

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