Kathrin Wodraschke

Psychological Counselling Service for Students, Austria
Kathrin Wodraschke

I currently work as Deputy Head of the Psychological Counselling Service for Students in Vienna, Austria. I am a Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist. One of my key activities is counselling national and international students and I am involved in a project supporting the transition process from school to higher education.

My motivation to run for the position of a Steering group member in the EAIE Expert Community Guidance and Counselling is based on my professional experience as a psychological student counsellor as well as my interest in higher international education. In 2014 I started as a Resource person for the EAIE Expert Community Guidance and Counselling. In 2016 I became a Steering group member and had the chance to get involved in several meetings, organising networking events, and also participated as a speaker at the Annual Conference.

In the next two years, I want to continue to support the aim of the EAIE Expert Community Guidance and Counselling to offer a platform for networking and discussion for all EAIE members and any other higher education professionals involved in the guidance and counselling of students. I also want to pursue the realisation of a second Spotlight Seminar on Guidance and Counselling.

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