Jos Beelen

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Jos Beelen

In the General Council, I want to contribute to the decision-making process from the perspective that internationalisation is more than mobility. While mobility remains important, we should explore internationalisation of the home curriculum, including virtual exchange. 

My own university is ambitious in the field of internationalisation and global citizenship, and I will be glad to share my insights and experiences. I feel that the perspective of universities of applied sciences is relevant to the world of internationalisation as a whole. I have experienced several roles within internationalisation: from lecturer to head of an international office and from policy adviser to researcher. 

I have also held several positions within the EAIE: Chair of the Internationalisation at Home Expert Community, member of the Publications Committee and trainer. Currently, I am enjoying mentoring two EAIE members who are junior international officers. For me, this is one of the key aspects of the EAIE: educational institutions exchanging experiences.  

I have built a global network and I have acquired global perspectives. I think my prior knowledge of the Association will be beneficial for my role within the General Council. I can also declare that there is no conflict of interest with regard to this role.

The candidate received 54 votes.