Joanne Pagèze

University of Bordeaux, France
Joanne Pagèze

As Vice-President for Internationalisation at the University of Bordeaux, France, I am working seriously and optimistically to develop international opportunities for students, academics and staff in a way that is relevant in today’s complex and challenging global context.  

My academic background in language and culture is what led me to internationalisation. I have been an active member on the boards of national and European associations, Assistant Editor for the European Journal of Language Policy and Chair of the EAIE Language and Culture steering group.  

I have a strong interest in high-quality, inclusive international education, in all its diverse forms. I participated in the EQUiiP project to develop professional development resources, as well as in European University Association learning and teacher peer groups, on both academic engagement and internationalisation.  

I believe that my experience in developing institutional strategy and my knowledge of European higher education policy and international cooperation will contribute usefully to the work of the General Council. Above all, it would be an honour to bring these skills to the EAIE at a time when the field is undergoing profound changes and when it has never been more important to develop societal and global engagement through education.