Jessica Price

Culturally Sensitive Trainings and Psychotherapy, Germany
Jessica Price

My name is Jessica Price and I am a steering group member of the Guidance and Counselling Expert Community. I am a psychologist who works in various capacities, all in the field of higher education: as Research Project Coordinator at Jacobs University, as a lecturer at the Hochschule Bremen and as a mental health consultant for various institutions.

I believe that I bring a unique multicultural perspective to the practice of counselling and psychotherapy in Europe. My communication skills allow me to participate in various capacities at the EAIE. For example, I wrote a Pathways to Practice manual on student resilience; I have created two blogs for the EAIE and written two articles for the Forum magazine; and I have given numerous presentations at EAIE conferences. I am also a trainer at the EAIE Academy, and I have greatly enjoyed all of these activities. 

I am committed to making mental health and well-being a crucial topic at the EAIE. I do hope that EAIE members vote for me so that I can continue to bring the best of my capacities and abilities to benefit student, staff and faculty wellbeing.

The candidate received 102 votes.