Jean-Bernard Adrey

University of California, Riverside, USA
Jean-Bernard Adrey

My name is Jean-Bernard Adrey. I now work as Associate Dean International Education at the University of California, Riverside. From 2006 I have worked in International Education in programme development, managerial, and leadership positions at Coventry University (CU) (2005–2016) and Canterbury Christ Church University (2016–2018).

At CU I founded, led and developed the Centre for Global Engagement which offers international/intercultural experiences to more than 12,000 students and staff/year through:

  • Embedded mobility schemes
  • IoC (eg the Online International Learning (OIL) framework I devised was fostered university-wide and won the QS 2016 Reimagine Education award [Coriolanus project])
  • Internationalisation ‘at Home’ for all:
    • the Linguae Mundi ‘language-for-all’ programme (offers 20+ languages to over 2400 students and staff/year)
    • the Culturae Mundi  ‘intercultural dialogue’ programme (Coventry City Community Cohesion Award, 2013)
    • the Social Experience for Employability Development (SEED) project (The Guardian Award for Employability Initiative, 2015)

My 'Model for Progression in International Experience' – which brought these projects together – received the EAIE 2014 Award for Innovation in Internationalisation. After attending the EAIE as speaker or delegate since 2010, I now wish modestly to share my experiences ‘from within’ the Expert Community Internationalisation at Home’s Steering group to help maximise impact on the international education sector.

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