Inez Meurs

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Netherlands
Inez Meurs

My name is Inez Meurs and I have worked in international higher education for the past 24 years. I worked as a lecturer, a project manager, a programme director – supporting students, administrative staff and academics in their ambitions to look beyond borders and challenge themselves to learn from international experiences. I have been involved in projects on international higher education in many European countries, on different continents and on the supranational level. I currently work for NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, also focusing on facilitating international cooperation.

I have been active within the EAIE in many sessions and workshops at conferences, as a trainer in courses on running an international office, project management, internationalisation at home and summer schools and as author on those topics. I was chair of the Expert Community Summer Schools, and am now a member of the Board of the EAIE.

The opportunity I had to support the EAIE in those different roles led to a deep appreciation of the diversity within the EAIE, and to the desire to continue to use my knowledge, skills and experience to serve the EAIE in the capacity of Vice-President.

My focus for 2018-2020 will be on how the EAIE caters to the needs of our members in products and services to support enhancement of the field, and personal and professional development of individual members. A clear added value for newcomers in our field and a strengthened focus on more experienced professionals will support an even bigger service orientation of the EAIE, and will facilitate commitment to shared goals and ambitions.

I look forward to stimulating an open and transparent dialogue within our membership but certainly also on behalf of our membership to the wider community.

It would be a great honour to represent you as Vice-President of the EAIE.

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