Herwig Dämon

University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
Herwig Dämon

This is a job-share with Kimmo Kuortti.

I am Herwig Dämon, Head of Communications and Marketing at the University of Liechtenstein and responsible for stakeholder communications and brand experience. Prior to this, I gained experience as Communications Director at both international corporations and non-profit organisations. 

Since my first conference in 2011, I have been excited about using my knowledge to improve the professional life of colleagues within the EAIE. I strongly believe that sharing is caring. I have shared my knowledge (especially on branding, content strategy and social media) in workshops and sessions as well as in the activities of the Marketing and Recruitment Steering group. 

I have a track record of using my own knowledge and networks, for example, international PR associations and the EUPRIO association of higher education communicators, to respond to members’ needs. 

Having already served for a period, I would now like to contribute further to the Expert Community, its goals and its values – together with my job-share, Kimmo Kuortti – by helping develop future leaders in marketing and recruitment. Kimmo and I are committed to involving more members from less represented countries in Marketing and Recruitment to increase the potential for learning from each other and to ensure inspiring diversity. 

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