Hege Kristin Widnes

The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
Hege Kristin Widnes

Education and research play an extremely important role in solving the many challenges our world is facing. The UN Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved when we cooperate globally. Cooperation in education, research and innovation between the global South and North is therefore more important than ever!

My name is Hege Kristin Widnes and I am working as an International Adviser in the Central administration at University in Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT). I am institutional coordinator for Erasmus+ ICM in addition to be coordinator for cooperation with India, China and South-Africa and the Global South. 
I have extensive knowledge and experience with externally funded collaboration programmes with the global South funded both by Norwegian agencies, EU funded programmes (especially KA2). In this capacity I facilitate cooperation projects in all from initiating and planning project through the application phase to implementation and reporting. 
I believe these roles and experiences have given me ideas that I can bring into the Cooperation for Development Expert Community. I therefore stand for election as a steering group member in this community.

The candidate received 159 votes.