Guillaume Blaess

Audencia Business School, France
Guillaume Blaess

My name is Guillaume Blaess and I am Associate Professor and Director of International Partnerships at Audencia Business School. I have more than 20 years’ experience in higher education, beginning at the New Sorbonne University in Paris. I started working with Audencia’s international office 13 years ago. In my current position, I oversee international academic activities including short programmes (more than 400 participants in total and 20 visiting professors), student exchanges (more than 300 partners), double degrees, Erasmus+ activities, internationalisation at home, international opportunities for programmes and orientations for international students. I am also involved in the school’s strategy, which encompasses a lot of sustainable actions.

I have been an EAIE member for more than six years and used to be an associate member of the Business Education Expert Community.

My background is in contemporary European history, languages and culture. I hold a PhD in contemporary British civilisation, focusing on political issues. My teaching areas are cultural studies, civilisation and intercultural stakes.

It would be an honour to work more actively with the EAIE and to be Chair of the highly dynamic Business Education Expert Community.

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