Eva Haug

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Eva Haug

My name is Eva Haug and I am an Educational Adviser for Internationalisation of the Curriculum and Virtual Exchange (COIL), as well as a senior lecturer in intercultural competence, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

I’ve been an associate and elected member of the EAIE Internationalisation at Home Expert Community since 2018. As educational adviser, I provide professional development for academics and staff on the challenges and opportunities of online collaboration as a way to internationalise the home curriculum and develop intercultural competence. I see myself as a bridge-builder between academics, disciplines and classrooms.

In this digital age, the classroom has evolved into a global connectivity hub. Empowering students and lecturers to maximise this potential has become the core focus of my work, both in my own university and with many Dutch and international higher education institutions. I believe that my expertise and vast network in the field of online collaboration makes me a perfect addition to the Internationalisation at Home Expert Community

Furthermore, as we’re seeing an increasing interest in finding alternatives for mobility, I would like to collaborate with the EAIE community in finding more inclusive and sustainable solutions to the growing need to educate global citizens.

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