Erich Thaler

University of Basel, Switzerland
Erich Thaler

My name is Erich Thaler and I have been serving the Cooperation for Development Expert Community for a good number of years, four of which as EC Chair. I am running now for a seat within the General Council and wish to bring in skills from working with international and highly motivated teams, skills of leading and moderating group discussions, of overseeing financially and implementing conference events and proposal selection meetings. In addition, the many and fruitful exchanges and networking contacts with colleagues from Expert Communities across all fields and the EAIE Committees will help contribute to solution-oriented discussions in a framework of the International that has been changing so radically.

On the basis of the Global North – South partnership work and the organizational experiences within EAIE I would like to promote three aspects as a member of the General Council:
- Strengthen the engagement for Inclusive Global Excellence
- Raise the awareness for Public Higher Education – Private Sector Engagement
- Bring to the forefront the work and professionalism of the Expert Communities.

With this candidature, I would like to ask for your support vote. Whether you are an Expert Community member, a future member of the Board or a committed member of one the EAIE Professional Committees: let us move the EAIE volunteer work forward and revitalize our strength as a membership based organization!

The candidate received 15 votes.