Erich Thaler

University of Basel, Switzerland
Erich Thaler

My name is Erich Thaler and I have been chairing the Cooperation for Development Expert Community for the last two years. It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with colleagues from different backgrounds and to jointly develop a multi-year strategy. C4D is interested in the Global South, its dynamics with partners from the North and South alike and the achievement of equally beneficial partnerships. 

With this candidature, I would like to ask for your vote. It will allow me to further roll out the envisaged strategy and to deepen the understanding of Global North-South relations within the EAIE community. Further to that, the importance of start-ups shall be brought into focus and the cooperation basis within the EAIE further enlarged by reaching out to neighbouring Expert Communities. 

At the University of Basel, I work as the Contact Point for International Relations and as the Programme Director of the Swiss–African Business Innovation Initiative, SABII. In addition, I serve as the university’s delegate to the Internationalisation Expert Advisory Group of Swiss universities. Within the EAIE, I have been contributing to workshops and sessions related to the interaction of the Global North and South. 

The candidate received 381 votes.