Emmy Arts

École Centrale de Marseille, France
Emmy Arts

My name is Emmy Arts and I am Head of International Relations at École Centrale de Marseille, a public university in France. I also work as an expert for several National Agencies within the Erasmus+ programme. These positions have given me a keen view of strategy in higher education on an international level. I have sound knowledge of the national and international structures that support institutions and allow them to flourish internationally.  

My own establishment has made international mobility compulsory for all students. This strategy has had a significant impact not only on our students but also on the institution as a whole. I have regularly been invited to give conference speeches and write articles on our international strategy. 

I believe that my extensive knowledge in this field enables me to contribute richly to the EAIE Expert Community Strategy and Management. My experience as head of department and Erasmus+ expert would be an asset as we reflect together on our goals for higher education, which I believe should never become business but should always remain a fundamental right within society. 

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