Elke van der Valk

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Elke van der Valk

I’m a Consultant on Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals, and I coordinate the hybrid learning environment for circular transition at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. I advise on integrating the SDGs into curricula, and I’m part of the SDG Coalition created by Dutch universities of applied sciences. One result of this collaboration is the creation of a platform connecting students, teachers and businesses through SDG-related content and internships.

The hybrid learning environment for circular transition is an innovative educational route in which students work in interdisciplinary teams together with coaches and organisations on solutions for circular challenges.

I also lead a project for the municipality of Veldhoven, organising a school day for sustainability, during which primary school children will follow SDG-related workshops supported by local organisations. Finally, I’m board member of the MakerDays Foundation, which organises the annual Maker Faire.

As Chair of the Employability Expert Community , I would contribute all my networks, years of experience within the EAIE and competences such as connecting people, being flexible and having an open and innovative mindset. Employability is the outcome of how we educate – and I strongly believe it’s time to redesign education, together with all stakeholders.

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