Dyane Koreman

Fontys Dance Academy, the Netherlands
Dyane Koreman

This is a job-share with Uwe Brandenburg.

As a dedicated Steering group member of the Strategy and Management Expert Community, I help to strengthen and expand the network, innovate in strategic discussions and contribute to the development of professionals of all ages in management positions. I would love to continue in this important group for a second term so that I can finalise plans to make the curriculum more innovative and create more awareness around hot topics. 

As Director of Studies at Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands, I manage international Bachelor’s programmes with 80 people employed. As an international higher education professional with more than 18 years of experience in influencing strategic policy, management of international offices, international relations and complex international programme management, I believe I have the right experience and knowledge in place to give back to our community and serve the EAIE in this specific committee in an enthusiastic and down-to-earth way. I have a passion for coaching, training and teambuilding, and have been a lead trainer for workshops at many international conferences.  

I am looking forward to job-sharing with Uwe Brandenburg to ensure a comprehensive overview and contribution to the field. 

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