Dimitris Kontodimopoulos

University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Dimitris Kontodimopoulos

My name is Dimitris Kontodimopoulos and I have been involved with international higher education since 2008. I am currently based in the United Kingdom and have held consecutive positions in the higher education sector with a focus on student mobility, including a post as Head of Student Mobility and Study Abroad.

I have extensive experience in managing mobility, but also in providing strategic direction gained through delivering internationalisation strategy projects and achieving institutional commitment to mobility. My work has targeted the lifting of barriers common to the UK higher education setting through modifying credit and grade transfer policies, diversifying curricula, influencing semester planning, developing alternative opportunities for mobility, but also addressing practical issues such as single-semester accommodation.

My experience extends to the administrative domain and modernising operations by introducing management platforms, but also fit-for-purpose web spaces for promotion, communication and information dissemination for staff and students.

Overall, I possess in-depth knowledge of practices in mobility, the benefits, but also the operational issues commonly faced by institutions and can therefore significantly contribute to the group and interested colleagues particularly from a strategy and management point of view.

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